18 October 2018

ATUM 'Schaffo' – a work of art by two masters

Schönstes deutsches Hanwerk

Moritz Grossmann, the independent Glashütte watchmaker, will celebrate its 10th anniversary next month. As part of the celebration, the company will present The ATUM ‘Schaffo’ skeleton, a one-off piece created in collaboration with iconic Swiss watchmaker and designer, Christophe Schaffo.

Moritz Grossmann formulated the ideal of “designing a simple but mechanically perfect watch” in the 19th century. With the ATUM ‘Schaffo’, the functionality and beauty of the mechanism are apparent at first sight. The dial consists of an elegant, narrow ribbon of rhodium-plated German silver featuring the minute markers, revealing the exquisitely finished movement, where each component has been chamfered, chased and engraved by hand. Every movement of the dial train, balance wheel and other parts of the mechanism demonstrates the artistry and technique that went into making this timepiece. Blackened stainless steel is used for the case, winding crown and pusher which – along with the black alligator leather strap – form a stunning contrast to the dial. Schaffo’s artistic creativity, technique and craftsmanship are outstanding and renowned around the world. He painstakingly stamped, cut and milled to minimise the material used for the calibre 100.5 in the ATUM ‘Schaffo’. The result is a masterpiece of skeletonisation.

The Moritz Grossmann brand manufactures timepieces to the highest standard of craftsmanship under the tagline “Schönstes deutsches Handwerk”. The ATUM ‘Schaffo’ brings together the craftsmanship of two masters – the Swiss artist Christophe Schaffo and the German watchmaking pioneer Moritz Grossmann. The one-off watch includes the name C. Schaffo on the ratched wheel and is a single edition 1 of 1.

17 October 2018

BENU Blue Steel - a classic one-off piece for a watch lover

Schönstes deutsches Hanwerk

Moritz Grossmann, the proudly independent German watchmaker, is delighted to celebrate its 10th anniversary next month. To mark this special occasion, the company will present a one-off piece from the BENU line, The BENU Blue Steel. A harmonious combination of a cool stainless steel case with a white grand-feu enamel dial and blue accents. The BENU Blue Steel is offered with the calibre 100.1 in the high-artistic finish as a blue single edition 1 of 1.

The BENU Blue Steel showcases Moritz Grossmann’s finest watchmaking features and 19th-century craftsmanship. In a feature different to other BENU models, the hands on the ‘BENU Blue Steel‘ light up in a beautiful deep blue. This harmonises with the blue Arabic numerals and minute markers, as well as with elements inside the movement: the screws, the regulating nut and the back bushing are all also annealed in blue.

During his lifetime (1826-1885), Moritz Grossmann produced pocket watches, pendulum clocks and measuring instruments that became renowned for their beauty and accuracy. One of his trademarks were the very fine hands that enabled precise time reading on the watches and particular accuracy with the measuring instruments. Today, all hands on Moritz Grossmann watches are filed, ground and polished by hand and then annealed in colour over an open flame in the unchanged, historic method.

Moritz Grossmann‘s Glashütte manufactory employs the highest standard German craftsmanship combined with modern production methods; an ongoing homage to the man who gave the company its name. Today, the company continues to create beautiful watches under the slogan “Schönstes deutsches Handwerk”.

Watch this space, Moritz Grossmann are working on something special. Details on how to purchase the BENU Blue Steel are coming next month.

The BENU Blue Steel is offered as blue single edition 1 of 1, of a limited edition 18/18 2018.

6 September 2018

Time for beautiful fingernails

Behind the watch – TEFNUT Twist

Winding a watch with freshly painted fingernails? Imagine visiting an elegant gala or another special occasion with freshly manicured nails, wouldn’t it be useful to have something to help in winding a watch? Many women have been hoping for an alternative to the conventional crown winder for a long time. The team from Grossmann Uhren GmbH have come up with a way that allows women to easily wind up a watch with freshly painted fingernails or gloves. But first things first.

It all started with an in-house competition for ideas after management heard about a Moritz Grossmann customer being in a similar situation. A female colleague came up with the winning idea in the end. Her solution was to use the watch strap to operate the rotary mechanism of the TEFNUT Twist. This idea was put into action by the Moritz Grossmann designers. Just a few turns of the strap attached at the number 6 position in the watch case is all it takes to wind up the TEFNUT Twist fully. A robust alternative to the conventional crown winder, especially advantageous for smaller watches – and leaves beautiful fingernails intact.

The solution won the colleague an in-house prize and Moritz Grossmann the Eve’s Watch Award – a prestigious accolade from the leading watch magazine for women in the UK.

7 September 2018

Grand Prix d`Horlogerie de Genéve 2018

Moritz Grossman in the 2018 pre-selection with the TEFNUT Twist Classic

The jury of the 18th Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) has published the official list of the 72 short-listed watches of 2018. The watches are divided into 12 categories. They compete for one of the 16 coveted prizes awarded to the best watch creations of the year, including the prestigious Aiguielle d’Or Grand Prix. The winners will be announced on 9 November 2018 as part of the 18th GPHG award ceremony in Geneva. The short-list will be on display ahead of the ceremony at a roadshow in Venice, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The TEFNUT Twist Classic by Moritz Grossmann, a model variant of the TEFNUT Twist, is short-listed in the ladies’ watch category. With the TEFNUT Twist Classic, Grossmann’s strap winding mechanism allows the watch to be wound by turning the strap attachment positioned at 6 o’clock on the watch case. A central guilloche forms a harmonious symmetry with the gently raised hour ring with its circularly aligned numerals, all framed by a ring of white diamonds. In addition, the small second at 7 o’clock forms striking counterpoint. Elegant Arabic numerals complete the image.

About the GPHG:

The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève was founded in 2001 and has been organised by the “Fondation du Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève”, a specially created foundation, since 2011. It is an annual tribute to the quality of contemporary watchmaking.



7 September 2018

The fateful year of 1923 – Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Despite hyperinflation, expansion of the German Watchmaking School secured

1923 was the year of hyperinflation. To pay for a single loaf of bread, people in Germany carried their money in backpacks to the baker. Ingenuity was therefore needed for investment activities. A workaround was used across the nation, as well as in Glashütte, the so-called Notgeld, or emergency money.

In such uncertain times, it gave the possibility of securing financing for the long-planned expansion of the German Watchmaking School in Glashütte. The Stadtgirokasse, or city clearing bank, in Glashütte had already given a guarantee for the financing of the planned expansion. However, because of hyperinflation and the associated devaluation of money, a further cash injection was called for. Mayor Opitz took the initiative on 15 September 1923. In a fiery speech at the inauguration of the extension building, his masterful use of rhetoric and great sense of humour charmed the guests gathered in Glashütte to acquire the notes printed especially for this purpose.

Written on the back of the Notgeldare the words ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’. Mayor Opitz won the hearts of his audience. With the aid of the Notgeld, he succeeded in securing the additional funding needs. By acquiring the Notgeldand not redeeming it later, he was able to cover the construction costs for the extension.

In 1878, the German Watchmaking School was founded in Glashütte thanks to the initiative of the mastermind and watch pioneer Carl Moritz Grossmann – a novelty for the art of German watchmaking at the time. 45 years later – the watchmaking school had long since become an institution with worldwide appeal – the building required an extension to cater to the growing demand for students from all over the world.

The former School of Watchmaking now houses the German Watch Museum Glashütte. The extension serves as an impressive entrance to the building. Museum Director Reinhard Reichel welcomes the continuing interest in the history of German watchmaking. The special ‘More than theory and practice. German School of Watchmaking Glashütte 1878—1951” exhibition, which runs until 6 January 2019, reflects the importance of teaching at the German School Of Watchmaking in Glashütte.

7 September 2018

Schoenstes deutsches Handwerk

Celebrating ten years of Moritz Grossmann

For the Jubilee Year 2018, we are celebrating the first ten years of the revived Moritz Grossmann brand: ten years – ten historical flashbacks, the Moritz Grossmann mini-series.

Part 4 – The year 2011

 Japan: seaquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster in Fukushima  +++  Arab Spring: civil wars and revolution, North African countries in chaos  +++  Ongoing theme in Europe: debt crises and bailouts +++  New record for a Roy Lichtenstein work at Christie’s N.Y.: 43.2 million dollars for a speech bubble ‘I Can See the Whole Room… and There’s Nobody in It!’  +++

Topping-out ceremony in the manufactory building at Uferstrasse 1  +++  Construction of the logistics and communication departments  +++  Development of new movements

The new building at Uferstrasse 1 continues to take shape. The outline of the extraordinary towering structure looks rather like a ship moored on the slopes of the Müglitztal. A source of great speculation is the platform floating above the building: a landing site for helicopters, maybe? The rotunda will, however, be an official reception and event space. A beautiful home for the Moritz Grossmann watches of modern times. The rooms for the studios and workshops take up the bottom section, while the administration offices fit into the narrow tapered top section of the building. Work is well underway at Uferstrasse to meet the move-in date. The topping-out ceremony is planned for 14 July 2011. At Hauptstrasse, the team focuses all its efforts on completing the BENU and on the development work. New colleagues are being recruited and the logistics and communication departments are being set up. 2011 is the year of construction sites. Construction euphoria drives the team forward.

To be continued…

15 July 2018

  • Weltmeisteruhr Uhr Weltmeister

Moritz Grossmann congratulates France with a World Cup football watch

Vive les Bleus! Vive la France!

20 years later, France has again won the World Cup and Moritz Grossmann is celebrating Les Bleus with the special-edition ATUM Pure Weltmeisteredition 2018.

Moritz Grossmann is surprising watch enthusiasts and football fans with this World Cup watch based on the ATUM Pure X line. A sporty steel case paired with an individually designed World Cup dial. The Calibre 201.1 boasts an eye-catching football-shaped filigree dial insert. The final score ‘4:2’ with the year 2018 will be emblazoned on the watch face and the fingers and straps will be in France’s national colours.

We congratulate France’s World Cup team and the whole country on this great result. 4:2! The number of limited-edition ATUM Pure Weltmeisteredition 2018 watches released corresponds to the number of goals in the final and so just 6 are available and the German RRP will be 16,000 EUR incl. VAT.

13 July 2018

Moritz Grossmann is double Red Dot winner 2018

Essen, 9 July 2018: The Red Dot awards rank among the world’s most coveted prizes for design excellence and innovation. The jury was so impressed with the superb design quality of both the black-dialled BENU Tourbillon in white gold, and the ATUM Enamel in rose gold that both pieces were recognised.  Moritz Grossmann was delighted to receive these two 2018 Red Dot Product Design awards at an event in Essen on July 9th.

13 July 2018

Discover craftsmanship at William & Son

London, 10-12 May 2018: During London Craft Week 2018, our London retail partners, William & Son, and the leading UK watch magazine QP showcased the special craftsmanship of eight leading independent watch manufacturers. In the elegant salons of William & Son and together with De Bethune, F.P. Journe, Graham, H. Moser & Cie, Laurent Ferrier, Ludovic Ballouard and Romain Gauthier, Moritz Grossmann gave a UK premier to the innovations from Baselworld 2018, including the BENU Anniversary models.

Watch fans particularly appreciated the BENU 37, ATUM 37 and BENU Power Reserve in platinum, as well as our innovative automatic calibre in the ATUM Hamatic.  Our trademark stop-seconds mechanism on the BENU Tourbillon, featuring human hair, was greatly admired as was the high artistic finish of each of our calibres.

Our finisseur, Sebastian Hutkai, came along to demonstrate the art of Grossmann’s watch hand production. At his worktable on each of the three days, guests were able to experience the elaborate handcraftsmanship involved in creating the individual watch hands of the Moritz Grossmann timepieces at close quarters. Sebastian demonstrated his artistry with composure and answered many questions regarding the detail. Some of the guests also had a go at grinding, polishing and annealing the hands themselves. Moritz Grossmann CEO Christine Hutter shared her passion for watchmaking with the audience when she told her very personal story of how the manufactory was established. In the panel discussion “The Future of Heritage”, Romain Gauthier, Nicholas Hoffman of H. Moser and Christine Hutter discussed what traditional craftsmanship means for modern watch manufacturers and their future.

From 9-13 May, London Craft Week hosted a unique programme in the heart of London for the fourth time. International and British creatives, artists and producers celebrated their craft in front of an audience. In over 200 shows, events and workshops, visitors experienced a unique category – objects that combine beauty, substance and authenticity – and they immersed themselves in the making of these objects and learned about the stories behind the products and their makers. London Craft Week 2018 proved to be the perfect setting for Moritz Grossmann’s pure watchmaking artistry. We thank our partners in London and look forward to further exciting events on Bruton Street.

13 July 2018

Exclusive interview with Christine Hutter on Chrono24

In an exclusive interview with Chrono24, Moritz Grossmann CEO Christine Hutter describes the background to our philosophy of precision watchmaking. Insights into the studios and workshops demonstrate the delicate manual work required in finishing and in the production of watch hands. You’ll find out what role human hair and painted fingernails play in the way we develop our calibres and see how a particular Moritz Grossmann watch has become a very personal treasure to its owner. The entire interview can be viewed on the Moritz Grossmann brand page on Chrono24.

To the interview

13 July 2018

Watch Time Collector’s Tour visit Moritz Grossmann

6 June 2018: Twelve excited watch collectors from the USA accepted the invitation of Ebner Verlag’s watch portal Watch Time and registered to take part in the first German Watchmaking Tour to Glashütte. During an extensive tour of the Moritz Grossmann manufactory, guests were able to experience all the phases of our pure watchmaking art, from the construction to the finish. The production of the hands and the finish particularly impressed the watch connoisseurs, who got to see some very exclusive artistry put into practice.

CEO Christine Hutter told the guests in person about the exciting history of Carl Moritz Grossmann and how she discovered the Glashütte watch pioneer, revived his name and his philosophy and thus created another Moritz Grossmann manufactory in Glashütte. In addition to their passion for mechanical watches, the American guests were particularly enthusiastic about the company’s pioneering work, both then and now: ‘I also really liked our visit to Moritz Grossman. The founder Christine Hutter was really impressive, and I loved hearing her story’.

Every year, Ebner Verlag and Watch Time organise several trips to the most sought-after brands in Switzerland for watch fans from all over the world. Two trips to Germany will be offered in 2018 for the first time and we hope to welcome such interested and well-informed guests again next year following this year’s positive responses. Conversations with collectors who have such detailed knowledge are also very inspiring for us.

13 July 2018

Pure watchmaking art since 1854 Celebrating 10 years of Moritz Grossmann

In our anniversary year 2018 we’re looking back at the first ten years of the revived brand Moritz Grossmann for you: ten years – ten reviews, the Moritz Grossmann miniseries.

Part 3 – The year 2010

Germany’s successful way out of the crisis, recovery of the economy +++ iPad ushers in the age of tablets +++ Turnover of jewellers is growing again +++ Spain becomes World Champion at the first World Cup to take place in Africa +++ Sebastian Vettel becomes youngest Formula 1 world champion +++

Architectural competition for the new manufactory in Glashütte +++ Construction begins and foundation stone laid on Uferstraße 1 +++ Construction of studios and on-site watch hand production +++ New colleagues expand production, marketing and administration departments +++ Presentation of BENU, delivery of first models

The rooms on Hauptstraße are getting fuller, work space is getting tighter. Plans for the construction of a new manufactory are made quickly. A competition involving three architectural firms results in the desired solution. The watchmakers, meanwhile, are working at full speed on new developments and the collection. As a special trademark, they want to design and manufacture their own hands for the watches:  a rarity, even on the luxury watch market. The first Moritz Grossmann watch of modern times will be released this year and ancient Egyptian mythology has given us a beautiful image for a new beginning: the divine bird Benu, which renews itself from the ashes like a phoenix. With this, the name for the first watch from the new manufactory has been found. When the BENU is presented in September, the response is overwhelming. 2010 is the year of the BENU. Christine Hutter and her team have managed to give Moritz Grossmann’s values a contemporary edge.

to be continued

11 April 2018

Two Moritz Grossmann watches receive the “Red Dot”

The BENU Tourbillon and the ATUM Enamel rank among the best products in 2018

The “Red Dot” is an international design competition that has been running more than 60 years. This year, the jury assessed over 6,000 pieces in 48 categories from 59 countries against strict design criteria. Only about 25% of the entries won an award. Moritz Grossmann won two!

The first “Red Dot Product Design 2018” award went to the BENU Tourbillon in white gold with a black dial. This is a limitation of only 10 pieces worldwide.  The timepiece contains some unique features and complications. For example, there is a prominent flying three-minute tourbillon with a stop second device featuring human hair. The oversized 16mm V-shaped tourbillon carriage appears in a large aperture which cuts the minute dial between 25 and 35. A patented secondary minute scale compensates so that time can be read accurately at all times. Finally a guaiacum wood brake ring controls the elegant sweep of the second hand.

The second award went to the ATUM Enamel in rose gold. Another limited edition – this time of 25 pieces – it boasts an exquisite enamel dial which echoes the craftsmanship of early Glashütte. Crisply drawn scales and Roman numerals contrast against the gleaming white of the Grand Feu enamel. Eye-catchers include the blue “XII” and the beautiful hands which – like all of our hands – have been individually sculpted, by hand, in-house, and then annealed to the rare brown-violet hue which is Moritz Grossmann’s signature.

We are very proud of these two awards. They are a tribute to the skill and creativity of our dedicated designers and master-watchmakers.

18 February 2018

Moritz Grossmann and AL MAJED at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) 2018

Every year, the successful collaboration between AL MAJED Jewellery and Moritz Grossmann is crowned by the DJWE, the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition in Qatar. Year after year, our partner AL MAJED beautifully transforms its exquisite palace into a glamorous venue that attracts enthusiasts and collectors of high-end jewellery and timepieces.

This year marks the 15th edition of the exclusive show, offering an extensive annex programme with interesting workshops, events, and forums – such as the new “One-Day DJWE Forum”, a charity auction with hand-picked jewellery designed by talented young Qataris, or the “Watchmaker for a Day” sessions hosted by Ateliers Objectif Horlogerie.

From 21 to 26 February, the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition extends an invitation to participate in a unique journey through the luxurious realm of 400 top brands from 10 countries. Moritz Grossmann is among them for the third time, looking forward to the AL MAJED team and six inspiring event days.

More information on Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition 2018:

1 December 2017

Moritz Grossmann envisages 2018 Advent calendar

Unique highlight for collectors and enthusiasts of pure watchmaking artistry

Glashütte: In December 2017, Moritz Grossmann is already inspiring collectors and enthusiasts of pure watchmaking artistry to eagerly anticipate the coming year. Imagine that opening each flap of the 2018 Advent calendar reveals a Moritz Grossmann watch: a men’s watch, a ladies’ watch, a special model, a one-of-a-kind timepiece or a historic pocket watch – everything is possible. This makes the Advent season an excursion in time through the history and the present era of the manufacture. Further details will follow in the coming months. The Moritz Grossmann 2018 Advent calendar with 24 watches is a unique one-off ensemble that will be available starting in November 2018 for a price of USD 1 million.

18 November 2017

The “Extreme-Dubai” debuts at Dubai Watch Week

Moritz Grossmann and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons present an exclusive theme model

When Dubai Watch Week has opened on 16 November, visitors can admire a veritably rare timepiece at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons: the “Extreme-Dubai” that was conceived jointly with Moritz Grossmann and crafted in the Glashütte manufacture will surprise them with an exotic finish and an exclusive limited edition of 17 ½ pieces.

Here, for the first time, Moritz Grossmann’s pure watchmaking artistry stands out with a chic “used look” in a unique configuration: lacking a dial, with an irregularly oxidised steel case, the manufacture calibre 201.2 exhibiting a close-to-destructive surface finish, the sapphire-crystal glass visually cracked, the strap timeworn. The “Extreme-Dubai”, created in 2017, looks like a vintage timepiece from the 19th century even though it is brand new.

The 17 ½ pieces made for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons stand for the friendship and affiliation between the two companies that in 2017 culminated with this shared project. The 18th “Extreme-Dubai” is split: the separate halves are on display in Glashütte and Dubai. Moritz Grossmann’s team looks forward to this debut at Dubai Watch Week, which under the auspices of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons has evolved to become one of the most important horology shows in the Middle East.

Visit Dubai Watch Week

8 November 2017

Moritz Grossmann receives Eve's Watch Award

TEFNUT Twist Classic wins in the “Best Innovation 2017” category

London: This year’s Eve’s Watch Award winners were celebrated at Morton’s Club on 2 November 2017. For the second time now, Eve’s Watch – the only watch magazine for women only – commended outstanding design, dedication, and pioneering achievements in the world of horology. The broadening feminine appeal of the scene is evidenced by a growing number of female watch buyers and collectors as well as by the many charismatic and talented women in prominent positions within the industry. Alongside the “Public Vote” award, more than 50 respected manufactures were rated in a total of 12 categories, including “Best Design”, “Best High Jewellery”, and “Best Newcomer”.

Moritz Grossmann won the Eve’s Watch Award in the “Best Innovation” category, for which Chanel, Fabergé, Hermès, Richard Mille, and Ressence were also nominated. The jury was impressed by the new strap winder of the TEFNUT Twist Classic. The unique mechanism makes it possible to wind the watch with just a few “twists” of the strap attachment at 6 o’clock. Grossmann’s watchmakers developed this solution, which is especially comfortable for smaller timepieces; it can also be operated with gloves or freshly applied nail polish. Moritz Grossmann CEO Christine Hutter is delighted: “Our philosophy of pure watchmaking artistry since 1854 has conquered the present and is now winning the hearts of women as well.

Excerpt from the jury’s accolade: “The TEFNUT Twist is a proper watch, beautifully executed movement and innovative take on a traditional manually wound watch. Timeless and well designed! … Genuinely new ideas in the world of watches are rare. However, this year Moritz Grossmann wowed Baselworld, and indeed us, with something really innovative – a watch that is wound by the strap via a cylindrical lug attached to its lower half, which goes into the case and winds the mainspring (though one of our esteemed judging panel has seen watches wound in a similar manner from the 19th century). … It’s an innovation that has a sense of fun but still serves a practical purpose and captured our panel’s imagination – we just had to award it the trophy.“

The Eve’s Watch Awards 2017 were organised with the support of Urb-it, an on-demand lifestyle shopping app. The jury composed of journalists, designers, influencers, purchasers, watchmakers and collectors, most of them women, recognises and represents the unique feminine facets of horology.

More about the TEFNUT Twist

More about Eve’s Watch Award

27 July 2017

Moritz Grossmann bring a piece of history to Only Watch Auction

Only Watch is a biennial charity auction of unique timepieces which raises millions to support medical research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The 2017 event will be held at Christie’s Geneva on November 11th.

Moritz Grossmann, Germany’s most exclusive independent watch manufacturer, is bringing a double lot to interest both traditional and contemporary collectors.

Firstly, in homage to our roots, we offer an original Moritz Grossmann pocket-watch from our private collection.

Original Moritz Grossmann pocket watch from 1875

Made around 1875, this piece showcases Glashütte artisanship from early in the town’s exceptional contribution to horology. Moritz Grossmann signature features such as chatoned movement, lever and escape wheel bearing with endstone, crown wheel and ratchet wheel with 3-band snailing, adjustment with index pointer and diamond endstone make the piece a collectors’ item.

ATUM Hommage 2017

Secondly, we have crafted its twin. An grand-feu enamel dial and blue-steel poire hands to match the original are fitted in a rose gold ATUM case with our calibre 100.1 movement – designed and built in-house meeting Moritz Grossmann’s passion for simple precision. It includes the Grossmann balance, modified Glashütte stopwork and pillar movement reminiscent of traditional pocket chronometers.

Contemporary styling, a historic face and our impeccable hand-made finish creates a watch to tell a story as well as tell the time.

15 May 2017

"Give us a 'D'" – Moritz Grossmann plays Black/Yellow.

For the kick-off with Dynamo Dresden, Moritz Grossmann presents the „Black/Yellow“, a special model of the BENU Power Reserve.

The Moritz Grossmann manufacture has a presence as a player at many international events but also places emphasis on its traditional roots with commitments to numerous regional activities. In 2017, the company announced its collaboration with SG Dynamo Dresden. Grossmann CEO Christine Hutter: „In the past years, Dynamo has scored impressive gains with a track record that has elevated the eleven into the 2nd league. Our encounter with sporting director Ralf Minge and chief trainer Uwe Neuhaus was a delightful introduction to a magnificent team, and we look forward to an inspiring spirit of collaboration.“

Moritz Grossmann is now presenting the BENU Power Reserve in an edition limited to 11 watches. The special „Black/Yellow“ BENU Power Reserve model in white gold for Dynamo Dresden stands out with the inimitable aesthetic appeal of the watch family. With its two-colour power-reserve indicator, this watch is the perfect choice for a version in Dynamo Dresden’s livery. When the watch is fully wound, the bar in the dial aperture shows black and gradually turns yellow as time elapses. The black dial is adorned with a stylised ‚D‘.

The stainless steel rhomboid hands, manufacture-crafted especially for the BENU, are filled with yellow HyCeram and contrast brilliantly against the dark dial. Additionally, the black alligator leather strap is accentuated with yellow contrast stitching. The limited-edition serial number appears on the caseback. The noble High-Artistic finish of the calibre 100.2 movement can be admired through the display back.

As of immediately, the  „Black/Yellow” BENU Power Reserve can be ordered directly from Moritz Grossmann; subject to availability, buyers can specify the edition number – from 1/11 to 11/11 – that they prefer.

4 April 2017

Let Moritz Grossmann lure you to Basel with new date-display and manual winder developments.

At the newly inaugurated LES ATELIERS in Hall 1.2, Stand L01

Moritz Grossmann renews its commitment to Baselworld with a repeat presence from 23 to 30 March this year. Independent manufactures that formerly convened in The Palace now have a new site in LES ATELIERS in Hall 1.2. It is an attractively designed, comfortable exhibition space integrated into the logistics of Hall 1. At Stand L01, directly adjacent to ateliers and workshops, Moritz Grossmann is showcasing its entire collection – including special models and unique pieces for the first time. The manufacture’s debuts are being introduced exclusively in Basel. Grossmann’s watchmakers have explored new avenues with their developments, many of them extraordinary, and are celebrating pure watchmaking artistry both from the visual and design points of view. In Basel, visitors will see and feel, look at and look through, move and be moved.

ATUM Primavera

Moritz Grossmann brings spring to Basel. With its three unusual dial colours – Blue Sunburst, Yellow Sunburst, and Red Sunburst – the ATUM Primavera is decidedly seductive. The elaborate lacquering technique, referred to as a two-tone sunburst finish by guitar makers, produces a colour gradation from transparent to opaque and is a perfect match for the puristic ATUM. The display back reveals the radiant manufacture calibre 100.1 with the characteristic High-Artistic Finish.

ATUM Enamel

The ATUM Enamel is yet another surprisingly extravagant model. Its enamelled dial is a true homage to artisanship in the days of old. Today, as in the past, only very few masters of the discipline are capable of creating immaculate enamelwork. Often referred to as „white gold“, an enamel coating endows a dial with incomparable purity. On such a stage, the deep-black scales and numerals as well as the crowning XII in blue stand out in vivid contrast. The heart of the ATUM Enamel is the manufacture calibre 100.1 in the High-Artistic Finish version. It comes in an exclusive limited edition of 25 watches each with rose-gold and white-gold cases.


The date indication, a complication coveted and often discussed by watch enthusiasts, has been rethought by Moritz Grossmann with the debut of the jumping date display. This development catches the eye with a complete date scale and an unusual bracket-type marker. The mechanical finesse of the calibre 100.3 movement assures the precisely legible display of the ATUM Date. Apart from the precisely jumping date display, the complex switching system includes a separate datesetting crown at 10 o’clock that allows the date to be adjusted in either direction. This is a very convenient feature, for example when the date needs to be changed at the end of a month.

ATUM Pure G and ATUM Pure L

The transparent dial that discreetly exposes the movement was first introduced with the ATUM Pure M. Now, it is being presented in two additional versions. The stainless steel dial inserts are manufactured with different patterns, adding differentiated nuances of casual elegance to these models. In the ATUM Pure L (L stands for „Long Hole“), the insert achieves maximum transparency for the calibre 201.0 with the Pure-Classic Finish. The dial of the ATUM Pure G (G stands for „Grid“) affords a subtly transparent view and emphasises the classic-technical personality of the steel case. The hands and markers are filled with HyCeram in white, blue, green, and orange. The ATUM Pure G and ATUM Pure L are available in stainless steel and stainless steel DLC dianoir cases in limited editions of 25 watches per colour and dial variation.

ATUM Skelett

This unique piece combines pure beauty with pure watchmaking artistry. A horological work of art was created jointly by Moritz Grossmann and Christophe Schaffo. Christophe Schaffo is one of the great masters of his discipline. At his workshop in La Brévine, he designs and crafts exquisite one-of-a-kind watches entirely by hand, at most ten per year. His work unites technology, craftsmanship, and the ultimate in artistic creativity. Each individual piece reflects inspiration, experience, and the finesse of his gifted hands. The material of the calibre 100.5 was reduced to the bare essence by skeletonisation. Every single part is manually chamfered, chased, and engraved. Customers can choose their one-of-a-kind ATUM Skelett in rose gold or white gold.

TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty

In cooperation with the Grossmann manufacture, Michael Koh designed a seductive jewellery watch that evokes the mysterious realm of the moon. The TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty plays with the various manifestations of the moon. On the dial, the Roman numerals, the exquisite hour hand, the asymmetric guilloched pattern, and the portrait of the moon are magically alluring. The gracefully sculpted case is fitted with exceptional, unilaterally suspended strap bars. In Singapore, Michael Koh ranks among the leading goldsmiths and jewellery designers; Caratell, his company, is one of Asia’s top luxury brands. His special passion for exclusive precious stones also comes to the fore in the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty, for which Michael Koh picked diamonds and gems that are harmoniously nuanced to match the colours of the case and strap.


Grossmann’s watchmakers fulfilled a long-standing wish when they created the new winding mechanism for the TEFNUT. The quest for a robust alternative to the conventional crown winder culminated with an ingeniously simple solution. The Grossmann strap winder allows the watch to be wound with turns of the strap attachment at 6 o’clock in the case. It’s fast and works with just a few twists. The strap offers a big enough surface for a firm grip. With merely a few back-and-forth twists of the wrist, the watch can be fully wound – very comfortably and quickly. This is a real advantage especially for small watches. Even a casual glance reveals that the Grossmann strap winder has strikingly different strap attachment points and an unusual setting crown position. This extraordinary development called for a modification of the TEFNUT case. The calibre 102.2 incorporates numerous innovations. With its three distinctive versions – „Fancy“, „Classic“, and „Classic Gent“ – in rose-gold or white-gold cases, the TEFNUT Twist stands out prominently in terms of both appearance and mechanical ingenuity.

20 February 2017

Moritz Grossmann and AL MAJED at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) 2017

From 20 to 25 February 2017, the famous Qatar National Convention Center will again be hosting the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition. The world’s most prestigious luxury brands are taking the opportunity to present their treasures and precious creations there. We are delighted to be part of the exclusive show with our partner AL MAJED Jewellery. Every year, AL MAJED seduces visitors with its palace that seems to have emerged from One Thousand and One Nights – a highlight in our successful partnership.

7 February 2017


Within the DUBAI POLO GOLD CUP SERIES Moritz Grossmann participates for the second time as sponsor and official time keeper at the JULIUS BAER GOLD CUP 2016 (Dubai Open). The “Dubai Open” are held from February 18th to March 10th 2017 at the newly opened Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club. 9 teams are competing for winning fame, honor and the valuable trophy. Within the sponsorship Moritz Grossmann launched a special edition of the ATUM, the ATUM Polo. Their prominent hallmark is a striking gold mesh beneath the sapphire crystal. To each member of the winning team one ATUM Polo will be handed over, additionally carrying a special hand engraving on the case saying “DPGC 2017” as a remembrance of the tournament. We wish all teams luck, success and exciting games in Dubai.

6 December 2016

Watch of the year 2017

Ahead of Baselworld 2017, ARMBANDUHREN and WELT am SONNTAG invite readers to select the best and most appealing debuts of the previous year in four categories. Grossmann is delighted that the ATUM Pure with a blue dial and the calibre 201.0 featuring the Pure Classic Finish has been nominated in the category „Classic Watch of the Year 2017“, awaiting the votes of the readers. You can join in and vote for the Moritz Grossmann ATUM Pure (No. 36) until 13 February 2017. Here’s the link for the online ballot:

Vote for the ATUM Pure to be the „Classic Watch of the Year 2017“

1 December 2016

RUAG Aviation and Moritz Grossmann share a passion for quality, precision, and craftsmanship. During the inauguration of the new Signature Flight Support terminal at Luton Airport, RUAG and Grossmann presented the Skylife BENU Tourbillon in white gold, the first watch created exclusively for aircraft owners.
As a milestone of artisanship, the BENU Tourbillon crowns the Grossmann manufacture’s very first model family. With its flying Grossmann three-minute tourbillon and the patented hair-brush stop seconds mechanism, it lives up to the traditions of the finest precision timekeeping instruments.
For the Skylife model, the BENU Tourbillon was endowed with a new dynamic face. The designers of both companies worked together to propose five versions of the watch. A ballot in Luton and Dubai as well as an online vote starting on 15 December will determine which of the versions will go into production.

Vote for your favorite Skylife design from 15th december 2016

25 November 2016

Moritz Grossmann & Maserati

24 November 2016: „Handcrafted Matters“ are showcased by the manufactures at an exclusive customer event. Masterpieces of Italian design meet pure watchmaking artistry since 1854 in the Belgian town of Evere.

22 November 2016

Dubai Watch Week

15 – 19 November 2016: With a focus on „Masters of Time“, Dubai is hosting international manufactures for the second time. The top-tier event features exhibitions, workshops, the Horology Forum, and VIP events.

11 November 2016

BENU Tourbillon receives "The Judges Choice Award 2016"

Grossmann honoured with Starhill Gallery top award
at „A Journey Through Time“ 2016 in Kuala Lumpur.

The manufacture Moritz Grossmann looks back on its successful participation in the 10th edition of „A Journey Through Time“ 2016 at the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur and the special rankings of two models. The multi-day event is one of Malaysia’s most prestigious functions, attracting an exclusive roster of international watch and jewellery brands.

The event’s top award is the special highlight for the manufacture Moritz Grossmann: The BENU Tourbillon in white gold with a black dial was honoured with THE JUDGES CHOICE AWARD 2016 „for the best unique and complicated timepieces of all nominations“. Already last year, the BENU Tourbillon in white gold with a argenté dial was awarded with the STARHILL GALLERY WATCH WITH COMPLICATIONS IN MOVEMENT AWARD 2015.

In two further categories, Grossmann debuts were nominated to the five best of the entries:
– The TEFNUT 36 with a billant bezel finished among the five best in the STARHILL GALLERY FAVOURITE LADIES‘ WATCH AWARD 2016
– The BENU Tourbillon in white with a black dial gold finished among the five best in the MINISTRY OF TOURISM & CULTURE MOST REVERED AWARD 2016

7 November 2016

Salon QP, London

3 – 5 November 2016: Another highlight among the autumn events: the industry get-together in the Saatchi Gallery amid expert chats, panel discussions, and not least „Friday Night“ in the heart of Chelsea.

2 November 2016

Munich Time, Munich

28 – 30 October 2016: Every year, the parade of fine watches brings together collectors and connoisseurs from southern Germany; they enjoy the almost familial atmosphere at the exclusive Bayerischer Hof venue.

19 October 2016

WatchTime New York

14 – 15 October 2016: When Gotham Hall on Broadway opens the doors to the Watch Time show, the public can meet the Who is Who of the industry at interesting exhibitions and presentations and of course at the legendary Cocktail Party.

16 April 2016

CWM Carl Willy Müller and the watch manufacturer Moritz Grossmann present at the Premium-Fair in Koblenz

On April 16th and 17th CWM Carl Willy Müller presents with-in the Premium-Fair in Koblenz his diamond bank, his gold smith workshop and the pure watchmaking artistry of Moritz Grossmann.

The name CWM Carl Willy Müller stands far beyond the region for a family business with tradition and the highest competence in watches and jewellery. In addition to the international collections CWM lines out their individuality and service in regards of their own gold smith and watch making workshops.

To present the watchmaking artistry of Moritz Grossmann, Tom Vietze travelled from Glashütte to Koblenz, carrying with him the novelties of Baselworld 2016. Tom Vietze presented to the visitors on his mobile watchmaking station a detailed “Making-of” of the Moritz Grossmann masterpieces. Especially the new Pure Classic Finish of the new manufacuture calibers was standing in the focus of the interests of the audience.

8 April 2016


Moritz Grossmann is official partner of the Singapore Yacht Show

The Singapore Yacht Show, one of the worlds finest yacht exhibitions, is held in its 6th edition. In the award-winning ONE°15 Marina Club the newest creations and super yachts of the international brands are presented to the public. Moritz Grossmann displays as a partner of the show in the VIP-lounge its collection and presents as well for the very first time outside of the fair the novelties of Baselworld 2016 to a wider audience. Pure watchmaking artistry meets exclusive boat building. The exceptional yachts on the show are a perfect stage for the masterpieces of the Moritz Grossmann manufacture. Lasting value, functionality, artisanship, balance and uniqueness are the key elements of the creations of these exclusive boat builders as well as of the master watchmakers at Moritz Grossmann.

Images: BlueiProd / Singapore Yacht Show

16 March 2016

Moritz Grossmann presents the Pure Classic Finish, the ATUM Pure and TEFNUT Pure

Two new manufacture calibres with the Pure Classic Finish debut at Baselworld

Founded in 2008, the manufacture is dedicated to the aesthetics and functionality of precision instruments crafted in Glashütte in the 19th century. Moritz Grossmann’s ideas remain inspiring to this very day. His essay „On the construction of a simple but mechanically perfected watch“ still reflects the zeitgeist of our era.

The Pure Classic Finish is another historic facet that Grossmann is bringing to life: Moritz Grossmann applied various finishes to his chronograph movements, thus changing their looks. In highly diverse variations, they also reflect different concepts. Grossmann is now pursuing this tradition with a second finissage approach: The Pure Classic Finish focuses on horological details in design and craftsmanship. It concentrates on function and on the aesthetic appeal of materials. Two specially conceived manufacture calibres stand out in the new steel versions of the ATUM and TEFNUT model families. Combining cool steel and puristic reduction, the ATUM Pure, the ATUM Pure M, and the TEFNUT Pure embody Grossmann’s philosophy in perfection: pure watchmaking artistry since 1854.

11 March 2016

Moritz Grossmann is Sponsor and Official Timekeeper at the "Dubai Open" 2016

Dubai: The finals of the DUBAI POLO GOLD CUP SERIES took place on 11 March 2016 at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club on the Arabian Ranches grounds. Alongside principal sponsor Julius Baer, Grossmann Uhren supported the finals as Official Timekeeper and donated an ATUM – with the special hand-engraved inscription „DPCG 2016“ in the case – to each member of the winning team. The Team UAE Polo won the tournament. Her Highness Shaikha Maitha bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the captain of the team that also includes Jack Hyde, Mathias Benoit, and Lukas Monteverde. She is the daughter of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Shaikha Maitha has an impressive track record in the domain of martial arts. She represented the United Arab Emirates in the taekwondo category at the Olympic Games in Beijing and won the silver medal in karate at the 2006 Asian Games.

Prior to and after the finals, the watches and the other winner’s trophies were presented to the spectators. Christine Hutter, the founder and CEO of Grossmann Uhren GmbH, handed the watches over to the members of the winning team during the festive awards ceremony.

The Moritz Grossmann manufacture showcased its entire collection during the finals and was delighted to note the keen interest among visitors in the timepieces from Saxony.

18 February 2016

Grossmann premiers at Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) 2016

Doha, Qatar: From 22nd to 27th of February the Doha Jewellery and Watches exhibition is taking place already for the 12th time. It is one of the world’s largest shows for the international Jewellery and Watch business. Over 40.000 visitors have attended in the last year the magically atmosphere of the show. This year Moritz Grossmann will participate for the very first time at this fabulous fair. The impressive exhibition will be held on 25.000 square meters in the famous Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC).

8 February 2016

Moritz Grossmann sponsors as official time keeper the Polo tournament “Dubai Open” 2016

With in the DUBAI POLO GOLD CUP SERIES Moritz Grossmann participates for the very first time as sponsor and official time keeper at the JULIUS BAER GOLD CUP 2016 (Dubai Open). The “Dubai Open” are held from February 19th to March 11th 2016 at the Polo & Equestrian Club. This year 9 teams are competing for winning fame, honor and the valuable trophy. Within the sponsorship Moritz Grossmann will hand over one ATUM for each member of the winning team, carrying a special hand engraving on the case saying “DPGC 2016”. We wish all teams luck, success and exciting games in Dubai.

20 January 2016

„Dress Watch Grand Prix 2015“ for Grossmann TEFNUT in Japan

Glashütte/Tokyo: TOKEI BEGIN, Japans first and most influential watch magazine, rewards since 1997 the „Watch of the Year“ award in ten categories. The jury of the category “Dress Watch” has awarded the Grand-Prix 2015 to the TEFNUT of Moritz Grossmann. The laudation of the jury says: „Moritz Grossmann reviews traditional watch mechanisms with a modern vision and successfully embodies that ideal watch making into this time piece by the proficient skills of the watch makers. It is just through sheer chance to be able to enjoy this kind of classic art in real time.”

21 December 2015

Moritz Grossmann movie

Moritz Grossmann has published their first manufactory movie. This three minute movie imparts the complete creation process of our time pieces and the exceptional skills of our watch makers. Pure watchmaking artistry since 1854.

Creation and production: Judith Barfuss


2 December 2015

The BENU Tourbillon has won the Starhill Gallery Watch with Complications in Movements Award 2015.

The Starhill Awards are presented yearly within the “A Journey Through Time” Show in Kuala Lumpur. Starhill Gallery is one of the most luxuries shopping malls in Asia.

A Journey Through Time IX has come to a grand finale with Starhill Gallery’s Watch of the Year Awards on Nov 27. Asia’s premier watch and jewellery showcase “A Journey Through Time“ has returned for its ninth iteration this year, endorsed by Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture. From Nov 20th to 27th visitors of the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur had the possibility to experience over 125 different jewellery-, watch- and other luxury brands.

The awards are Starhill Gallery Favourite Ladies’ Watch Award, Starhill Gallery Favourite Men’s Watch Award, Starhill Gallery Watch with Complications in Movements Award, Starhill Gallery Timeless Jewellery Award, The YTL Spirit of Classical Art Award, The Judges’ Choice Award and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture­’s Most Revered Award.

We are very pleased that our BENU Tourbillon could convince the jury. In his laudation Thierry Gasquez from Passion Horlogère especially pointed out the combination of outstanding innovative technical solutions and the classic design of the movement.

14 September 2015

5 years BENU and manufacture calibre 100.0

In September 2010, Grossmann introduced the symbol for a new beginning

Merely two years after the company was founded, the art of time measurement received a new face. In September 2010, Grossmann presented its first model: the BENU with the newly developed manufacture calibre 100.0.

The debut was preceded by years of hard work, during which Christine Hutter and her growing team breathed life into the MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I/SA brand like true pioneers. The BENU’s fifth birthday is being celebrated in the new manufacture building. Thoughts reach back to the small workshop in the heart of Glashütte, where the first BENU was crafted in 2010. „My vision was clear,“ Christine Hutter mused, „but what we set in motion with the BENU has exceeded my most ambitious dreams.“ The calibre 100.0 constitutes far more than the foundation of production processes in the newly erected manufacture on Uferstrasse.

Like the resurrection of the immortal Bennu bird in ancient Egyptian mythology, the BENU symbolises the rebirth of the Moritz Grossmann manufacture. Each detail is a milestone of craftsmanship in Glashütte. The clearly drawn face, the functional design of the movement, and special features such as the separately removable clutch winding mechanism or the Grossmann micrometer screw for precision adjustment all reflect Moritz Grossmann’s heritage. As an absolute rarity, the manually crafted hands also stand for the manufacture’s lofty ambitions. Indeed, the BENU became the benchmark for all subsequent calibres.

On 14 September 2010, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ published a full-page article on the Moritz Grossmann manufacture and portrayed the BENU. The resonance was so overwhelming that the limited 100-watch edition was sold out after just six months. In 2012, the manufacture presented a 50-watch edition of the BENU White Gold and a 25-watch edition of the BENU Platinum.

The model family was extended by the BENU Power Reserve and the BENU Tourbillon in 2013. Since then, the collection has been enriched by the ATUM, the TEFNUT, and the TEFNUT Lady. The development of the latest-generation calibres involves rethinking established designs and finding new, highly precise, efficient, and aesthetically appealing solutions. The Grossmann balance, the Grossmann winder with pusher, the stop-seconds hair brush, and the guaiacum brake ring are just a few examples of the inventive spirit and passion with which Grossmann watchmakers pursue their craft. Thus, in only 6 years, they developed 5 calibres and presented 6 watch models. It began with the BENU and its calibre 100.0, followed by an impressive sequel of models and calibres that demonstrate the creative capabilities of the new manufacture.

26 June 2015

René Pape and Moritz Grossmann: “Pure Gold” meets “Pure Watchmaking Artistry”

When René Pape first visited the Moritz Grossmann manufacture in August 2014, a bond was forged. The extremely versatile artist discovered Moritz Grossmann, the eminent watchmaker, perfectionist, and visionary who had a successful international debut in the 19th century with his trailblazing horological developments and became one of the most celebrated personalities in the watchmaking town of Glashütte.

Like Moritz Grossmann, René Pape is a native of Dresden. He pursued his talent and his passion, underwent training as an operatic bass in Dresden, and became a member of the Berlin Staatsoper Unter den Linden in 1988.

As a member of the Berlin ensemble, René Pape embodies all great bass roles. Additionally, he performs regularly in major opera houses, international concert halls, and opera festivals. Pape masters all the nuances of his discipline and is globally acclaimed for his talent.

“Pure Gold – René Pape … an artist who thrills his audiences with charisma, intelligence, and a one-in-a-million voice: the luxurious timbre of Pape’s supple, expressive bass is unmistakable. Its velvety, dark-brown texture shot with ear-catching flashes of brightness.” (Opera News)

He is the recipient of many international music awards, among them two Grammys (1998 and 2003) as well as the ECHO Classic for his solo CD “Gods, Kings and Demons” in 2009.

René Pape stands by his roots: “I never left Dresden.” When the Dresden Frauenkirche was inaugurated in November 2005, he sang with the chorus of the Saxon State Opera. He is a regular guest at the Semper Opera House. And he enjoys spending his spare time at his house in Dresden. For René Pape, origin is an emotional concept. For Moritz Grossmann, it is the foundation of a vision: Origin of a new time.

We are proud of René Pape’s enthusiasm for new-generation Grossmann watchmaking ingenuity. The fine art of singing touches a chord with the tradition art of precision horology. At the end of June 2015, René Pape will take possession of his white-gold BENU Power Reserve in Glashütte.

We cordially welcome a new friend into the fold of the Moritz Grossmann family and eagerly look forward to upcoming onstage appearances.

About René Pape:

22 April 2015

The Glashütte watch manufacturer MORITZ GROSSMAN is sponsoring the GLOBAL FEMALE LEADERS SUMMIT 2015

On April 21st and 22nd female leaders met in Berlin for the annual summit of the Global Female Leaders – The Economic Summit for Female Executives to discuss trends and issues, challenges and opportunities in the global networked world.

Last year, Christine Hutter (CEO Grossmann Uhren GmbH) had participated herself in the conference as a speaker. With great interest the participants pursued Christine Hutters speech about building up Grossmann Uhren GmbH with its brand MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I/SA. This year, the Glashütte watch manufacturer has decided to expand this cooperation and supports the summit as a sponsor.

Christine Hutter: „I am very pleased that we can support this event. The Global Female Leaders Summit brings together female deciders of all kinds of fields and opens an exchange of ideas and strategies across the boarders. The meeting ensures that the attention of participants is drawn to new markets and fields outside their own environment. From this we as Grossmann Uhren GmbH can derive new inspirations.“

Photos: Management Circle AG

17 March 2015

Moritz Grossmann presents at BASELWORLD 2015

For the very first time, the Moritz Grossmann manufacture is presenting its latest timepieces as well as the exceptional artisanship of Grossmann’s watchmakers at Baselworld 2015.

During the world wide largest Jewelery and watch show we are presenting us to retailers, press and all visitors. We will offer an inside view to our craftmanship and our idea of pure watchmaking artistry. Our booth frames a dignified stage for the presentation of our present collection and our novelties. Visit us at Stand 6E in the Palace and experience pure watchmaking artistry from the Origin of a new time. Every day from 19th to 26th March between 9 am and 6 pm.

30 January 2015

The German watch manufacturer opened the first boutique in Tokyo

The German luxury watch brand Moritz Grossmann from Glashütte has opened the first boutique in Tokyo (Koishikawa). In the premises of a former printing house, in an area of about 100 square meters and seven meters ceiling height, attended the architects and interior designers with their plans for a spacious feel.
The ambience of the boutique has delightfully harmonious colors and subtle lighting. For the interior designers the feel-good factor was very important for making the stay of customers an experience. A restored Heidelberg printing machine is reminiscent of the former printing company, but also old watchmaker tools have been integrated in the design of the rooms. Hanging gardens in the entrance harmonize with the cherry blossoms at Harimazaka Avenue.
The brand MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I/SA was founded in 2008 in Glashütte and revives the tradition of craftsmanship by Moritz Grossmann. The young company focuses on its deep value and superior craftsmanship. Even the hands of the watch are produced in the manufactory. In 2010, Moritz Grossmann has introduced the first model BENU. There are now four models in the program. All watches are available in the newly opened boutique in Tokyo.

Christine Hutter (CEO Grossmann Uhren GmbH) in an interview at the opening of Moritz Grossmann boutique in Tokyo:

Why have you opened a boutique in Tokyo Koishikawa?

Christine Hutter (CEO Grossmann Uhren GmbH): „Japan is a very important market in the watch industry. The opening of the boutique is an important milestone in the development of this market. Therefore, we are very proud that we found Mr. Koichi Kudo as a trusted partner. Together with us he will build up the brand MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I / SA in Japan. With the opening of the new boutique in Tokyo, we have entered a new phase of our development. The boutique reflects the architecture and interior design philosophy and spirit of our manufactory. In Tokyo we were looking for a suitable address in the districts of Ginza, Aoyama or Nihonbashi. There you will find the most luxury stores. But Moritz Grossmann is new in Japan, so we decided to start in an exceptional area. In a place that fits to our brand. In Tokyo / Koishikawa we have found such a place, because you can still find plenty of tradition from the Edo period. The watches of Moritz Grossmann have also a great tradition – just as the flair of Koishikawa.“

What are the future plans?

Christine Hutter: „For us, a vision came true, because when we have launched the company Moritz Grossmann in 2008, we can not imagine that we are already at this point today. Within six years, we have built a fully functioning production process and a manufactory in Glashütte. We have four watch models -including the BENU-tourbillon developed and produced. We are building up an international distribution network and we will present two new watches at the Baselworld 2015. We have achieved a lot, but there is still much for us to do. We will implement thoughtful and go step by step.“

23 January 2015

In memory of Moritz Grossmann

Moritz Grossmann died 130 years ago, on 23 January 1885 at the age of 58 years, surprisingly after a lecture in Leipzig. His death sparked great sorrow. In the newspapers, numerous articles have been published in which his merits were acknowledged.
On February 26, 1885, he was brought out of the Pathological Institute for Dresden railway station, to transfer him by train via Dresden and Mügeln (Heidenau) to Glashütte. Funeral Music by Ludwig van Beethoven accompanied the mouring guests through the town to the cemetery. Overall, it should have been more than 1000 mourners.
An appreciation received Grossmann nearly three years after his death: In the title logo of German watchmaking newspaper a seated female allegory of horology has two plaques with the names of the most important national and international watchmaker. In the first issue of the year 1888, the list of names of the heroes of watchmaking was added with the name Moritz Grossmann. So he is standing in a row with Christiaan Huyghens, George Graham, Thomas Earnshaw, Abraham Louis Bréguet, Ferdinand Berthoud und Edward Dent, Urban Juergensen, Heinrich Johann Kessels, Adolph Lange and Friedrich Tiede.
Since 2008, his name and his legacy live on. With the establishment of Grossmann Uhren GmbH watchmaker Christine Hutter went to the heritage of Moritz Grossmann. Today, forty-six specialists are developing and manufacturing masterpieces that meet the demands and the philosophy of Moritz Grossmann justice.

27 August 2014

René Pape visits the Moritz Grossmann watch manufactory

On Wednesday, 27 August 2014, famous opera singer René Pape visited the Moritz Grossmann manufacture in Glashütte. The Dresden native ranks among the world’s most celebrated bass artists. His career milestones include performances at prestigious opera houses, dozens of classic albums, and several Grammy and ECHO awards.

Moritz Grossmann founder and CEO Christine Hutter accompanied the famous guest on a tour through the manufacture and gave him first-hand insights into the watchmaking artistry for which it has won acclaim. Amazed by these impressions, René Pape drew a comparison with the stage “An artistically immaculate performance requires the perfect interaction of all members of the ensemble,” he said. “The same applies to a movement: a unique timepiece like a Moritz Grossmann is unthinkable unless all individual parts interact perfectly,” the artist added.

Opera buffs who want to experience René Pape’s voice will have to travel to New York. For several weeks starting end of September 2014, he will be performing in Macbeth and in The Magic Flute at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan.

15 May 2014

Europe-on-site in Saxony

Minister of State Dr Jürgen Martens visits Grossmann manufacture

During his event campaign for this year’s European elections, Saxony’s Minister for European Affairs Dr Jürgen Martens also scheduled a stopover in Glashütte. On 15 May 2014, he toured the Moritz Grossmann manufacture, which was inaugurated in 2013, and took the opportunity to familiarise himself with the philosophy of the young watch brand. During his visit, CEO Christine Hutter acquainted Minister of State Dr Martens with the development of the company and with horological Details.

In Saxony, apart from Best Practice projects such as flood protection, considerable funding was invested in research, innovation, and science within the scope of the ERDF programme. Further ERDF grants are being provided to improve the competitiveness of companies and to create new jobs.

1 March 2014

Moritz Grossmann exhibiting during BASELWORLD

Within the SwissCreativeLab, the Glashütte manufacturer Moritz Grossmann, represented as an international guest, exhibits at BASELWORLD for the first time. The SkyLounge at the Ramada Plaza Hotel Basel offers not only a breathtaking view over the city but as well onto the Moritz Grossmann collection, where all models of the young manufacture are presented. Retailers and press as well as all other visitors have the opportunity to take a closer look at the timepieces of the Grossmann watchmakers. Not just to experience the details of the Moritz Grossmann watches and the calibers, but as well to get introduced to the craftsmanship and the people behind the brand.

The presentation takes place from Thursday, 27th of March until Thursday, 3rd of April 2014 at the SkyLounge of the Ramada Plaza Hotel on the 30th floor. Visiting hours are from 9 am to 7 pm.